Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why it's crucial to teach kids about God

Something I often encourage my children to do is talk to the Lord. If they're upset with me for being disciplined, I simply tell them they need to talk to the Lord about their attitude, ask Him if their ill feelings are profitable. That is what my son is doing in the photo above, taking a timeout, having a moment alone with God. (I think it is important to encourage them to build their own relationships with God, for I am merely their mother. I cannot be their Messiah.)

Yesterday Liam came to me and said, "Mom, you know how I haven't been feeling too good and my nose has been all stuffed up?"
"Yeah," I replied.
"Well, do you know what I did?" he went on. "I took a timeout and asked God if He could help me feel a little better 'cause I didn't want to be sick on vacation this weekend. And it worked! God helped me feel better!"

That warmed my heart like no other. Something as simple as a stuffy nose, he went to God and delighted in the result.

It wasn't always like this in my house though. Sure, I knew Christ, but my relationship with God was strained. I was angry. Then one day my son asked me what a bible was. A BIBLE! That blew my mind. My kid didn't know what a Bible was. This is why I encourage my kids to ask the Lord if their feelings are profitable. I was angry at God, shoving Him away, and at the same time depriving my kids the opportunity to have a relationship with Him. It wasn't as though I wasn't feeding them, providing for them, or all around being a "bad mother." 


Much worse. 

I was robbing them of the choice of eternal life.

As parents we are commanded to raise our children in the way of the Lord. It should never matter what the state of our relationship with God is. It's okay to be mad at God sometimes. But we are still responsible for teaching our children what scripture says. As believers, our children should learn from us that Christ died for our sins; and they should come to understand, through us, that they have a choice to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and have eternal life. It is never our place to deprive them of that, something so glorious. Let them make that decision for themselves.

And if you're struggling, know you are not alone. I struggle day in and day out. But remember to ask God first and foremost, Is it profitable?

So much love and hugs!
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