Friday, August 16, 2013

Color Crush: Cobalt

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For almost the past year I have had the biggest crush on blue handbags. Bright, striking blue handbags! Cobalt blue. Electric blue. Although I have yet to find one I absolutely adore with a price tag that's within my budget, I have not relented my swooning. My fascination has expanded to nail polish, jewelry and clothing, and a desire to expand my blue joy around my home.

This is what I like to call growth! For most of my adult life I have avoided blue like the plague. Navy blue is a terrible color on me, and because I couldn't wear navy, I just avoided blue altogether. My bigotry caused me to lose out on all this cobalt blue richness. No more though. This fall I plan to embrace blue as much as I can!

What are your color crushes?

Oodles of love today!
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