Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blogger Blooper Photos

When I take photos of myself for the blog, I try not to make them too posed. Who really gazes far and wide out the window, as if searching for their long lost soul? When I gaze longingly out my window it's usually because a cop car has pulled up across the way and I'm wondering why they're here. Then I remember our Lady Etiquette and draw the blinds closed. So when Logan and I head out to snap a few photos, we usually keep it as natural as possible. We talk and laugh and joke and act like goofs, and he snaps away almost candidly. These are all head shots, since that's what I was aiming to update.
Note to self: Just because it's overcast outside in the morning, don't wait till the middle of the afternoon for the sun to come out. That's a lot of shadows. At least it was warm!
 I have no idea what I'm staring at. A bird? A plane? Superman?
Must've been Mr. Freeze, from the looks of it. Why else would I do this if not for brain freeze?
 Earth to Stephanie!
Since there was so much sun overhead, I decided it would be a good idea to move under a big tree so that all light and shadows would be even. It worked. Sort of. Anyone else notice the tree reflecting its splendid colors off my hair? Photography do's and don'ts!
Hmm? Oohhhhh!
Ahhh, just right. Naturally windswept hair and all!

I hope this gave you all a little laugh. Thanks for goofing off with me today!

Love and hugs,
Camera settings: f3.4/ISO 400
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