Monday, July 29, 2013

Bedtime routine for more beautiful skin

As I get older I notice my body aging more and more, and I am realizing how important all the regimes for keeping my body healthy are.

Younger looking skin is all about preventative maintenance!

I am an avid coffee and Dr. Pepper drinker, but all that caffeine and acid is slowly but surely wrinkling up my little bod. My honey has been kindly encouraging me to drink more water. I have been trying my best to adapt certain routines into my evenings after the kids go to bed, the only time I really have for myself. Here are few bedtime routine tips I have been practicing:

1:Warm Showers
A warm shower before bed eases the body. You don't want it too hot, just warm, to bring down your body temperature. A decrease in your temperature slows your metabolism and signals to your body that it's time to rest. It's also one less task in the morning, and you can set your hair before bed for some no-heat curls. Kind of a win/win!

2:Drink Water
I know we've said this already. But I'm learning just how important it is. When I get ready for bed, whether I had some already or not, I drink a tall glass first. Drinking plenty of water hydrates your skin, also making it plump and filling in lines and wrinkles. It flushes out toxins and dirt that clogs pores. It's the ultimate cleanser and energy booster!

3:Brush and Floss
If you want to keep your teeth, take care of them. Without a doubt, brush and floss. In fact, I've learned to go as far as using a gum stimulator to get beneath the gums where floss doesn't reach. I suffered from painful gums for months. I finally got into a dentist, only to learn I had gum disease. Worst cleaning I've ever had. It was so painful. This new dentist introduced me to a gum stimulator and I was astonished how much yuckiness came out from under my gums, even after regular brushing and flossing.

4:Clean and Moisturize
Always remove all of your makeup before bed. Sleeping in makeup is so bad for your skin. After removing, clean your face with a deep cleansing scrub. I like St. Ives apricot scrub. Once my skin has been rid of all germs, I treat and moisturize with H2O Waterwhite Advanced Brightening Cleanser and Cream . This stuff is honest to goodness amazing. I have always suffered from a dry t-zone. Since I started using the H2O cleanser, I have not noticed my face drying out at all. To end my cleaning ritual, I dab a spot of anti-wrinkle cream around my eyes and mouth, where lines have begun forming.

5:Get a Good Nights Sleep
Your beauty rest is so important to your health. But did you know how you sleep can effect your skin too? I did a little research, and even asked you ladies on Facebook how you slept. Most of you are side sleepers like me. But according to an article on CNN Health side sleeping is bad for your skin and breasts. It causes the skin in your face to get smashed, forming wrinkles over time. It also causes your breasts to sag. However, according to the article, sleeping on your back makes for perkier breasts and a reduction in wrinkles. Perkier breasts when I'm 40 sounds rather appealing!

What are your beauty routines?

Love dearly,

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