Thursday, June 27, 2013

DIY Burlap Flower Door Decoration

I have wanted some kind of decoration on my front door for years. What would go there has been a tough decision for me, though. I have always felt what was displayed on the front of my door should reflect what someone would find on the other side of it. After many internal debates, I had finally decided that what went on my front door needed to incorporate the words "Love Lives Here." I want my home surrounded with love! This is, after all, the Lord's home. 

A few weeks ago I was wandering through Michael's craft store and saw this huge burlap flower with black trim. It was beautiful! I had tons of burlap fabric and black pipe cleaner, so I got to work.

I free-handed a flower petal the size I wanted. Mine measured approximately 8" in height. How many petals you cut will depend on how large or full your flower will be. I cut eight. Flip your pattern over and cut out eight more (or whatever your number is).

Placing them wrong-sides together, take one petal from each pile and sew them together.

TYPO! Oh well, I'm not perfect anyway, remember?

Get out that glue gun! Attach your pipe cleaner along the stitch line of each petal. 

Arrange your petals in a circle however you like them best. Then using your glue gun, just put a dab at each overlapping corner to keep them in place.

Then cut out a circle of felt and glue it to the back. Now all of your pieces are nice and secure. Embellish the middle and your flower is done. I didn't add a photo of this. I just used a jewelry piece on mine.

Let's move on to the sign, shall we? 

Tra-la-la-la, it's off to the signage we go ...

To keep this simple, I used a couple pieces of die-cut cardboard and letters I had on hand. (Shh ... don't tell my mom, but I used her die-cuts on shoe boxes awhile back.) Glue your letters down and ... tra-la-la ....

Paint them! I spray painted them gold, then black, giving them an antiqued look. 

FYI: Whilst painting these outside, my neighbor said, "Painting again? You're always painting something. You're the painting lady." That's right, I've got myself a reputation!

I attached them with ribbon, and was done.

I love this. It reflects me perfectly. I am a tender-hearted person, always eager to love people. More so the older I get. And of course I love flowers.

So this is what you'll find at my little abode here in Boone. What will I find on the other side of your door?

Love dearly,

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Plus-size Summer Style Guide

Asos Trousers $28.83 // Asos Dress $21.21 // Ruche Dress $38.99 // Trixxi Dress $26.99

It seems "plus-size" has become a negative connotation which somehow means larger women are ugly. I hate that stigma! The "plus" does not mean more. The term "plus-size" is for marketing purposes so that consumers can go to a store and find exactly what they're looking for. Think of how congested the women's department would be if all sizes, 2-24 were lined up in one spot. Consumers would never be able to rifle through it all and stores wouldn't make a profit. It's the "user friendly" way to shop. See what H&M model, Jennie Runk, has to say about being a plus-size model.

This is extremely important no matter what size you are. It's not the size you're looking for, but the fit. Different brands have different sizing guides, as well as different departments. Don't think you can go from Misses wearing a size 12 to Juniors and get into a 13. It may seem discouraging when you find you can't get into that 13 but rather have to wiggle into the 15, but that's because juniors are meant for a younger audience, whom they're assuming aren't quite fully developed. Sew, Mama, Sew has a great guide to finding your best fit.

Now that you know your figures, you are ready to start styling. The most important part of styling your body is properly supporting it. A good supporting bra is important, especially for bustier women. If your shoulder straps are cutting into your skin, you're wearing the wrong size bra. Consider going up a size (or more) in your band. If your cup barely covers your nipple, you need to increase your cup size. A too small cup gives your breasts room to sag. So pull those babies up! 

Don't be deceived into thinking that because you're larger than the model shown, you can't have her curves. I spoke with one reader who admitted, "I've had four babies and carry almost all of my weight in my stomach. I hate it." C, you have my sympathy. My advice? Invest in shapewear. Women of all sizes should invest in this. Why? Because it slims out everything you don't want shown and gives you a flattering silhouette. It's also a great way to disguise pantylines. Spanx are my favorite! They are also favored by celebrities of all sizes, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Oprah. They carry a nice size price tag, but are worth it.

It may seem practical to throw on looser fitter clothing, but the truth is, baggier clothing makes women look frumpy.You're a woman with curves, flaunt them, don't frown on them!

Everyone has something they'd rather cover up and something they like to show off. If you have smaller ankles consider cropped pants or a knee length dress. This one shoulder Trixxi dress is perfect for someone broader across the top and narrower down the bottom. If you prefer to cover your midsection, try a bold maxi dress like this Dream Chaser dress or this Hydrangea dress. Maxi's are perfect with a cropped jacket. If your ass is your best asset, flaunt it with a printed pant like these Aztec trousers or a floral jumpsuit. Create an hourglass by drawing attention to your waistline, through to your hips. The lines of this pencil skirt or this belted floral dress do just that.

Accessories are what make every outfit. Statement necklaces and stacked bangle bracelets are always a sure bet. 

Don't think because black is slimming, you're destined to wear black forever. Wearing striking colors shows confidence, which is sure to get you more compliments. Whether it's a dress or a striking piece of jewelry, the brighter the color the better! Step out with a bold day look. Keep your eye shadow soft and natural looking and put on your brightest red or coral lipstick. Never leave home without your lipstick.

Love dearly,
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thrifting fail

I had been working on a different post for today, but something changed, and I just needed to share it with all you lovely readers.

Yesterday was awful. It was a terrible day that I just wanted over. I wanted to crawl back into bed and pretend I had never gotten up to begin with. It did slowly improved upon a trip to the Goodwill in West Jefferson. (Thrifting is very therapeutic.) As I was passing by the linens, browsing for vintage floral sheets, I saw this darling vase sitting in a shopping cart. Unsure if the cart belonged to someone, I stalked it secretively, waiting to see if said person came back to claim the items.

No one did!

I returned home to find the kids disobeying and offering an unhealthy dose of whining and attitudes. After the day I had had, I did not have the least bit of patience for it. I cut their (late) dinner short and sent them off to bed early. 

This is when I began unpacking my thrifty finds. As I unwrapped my vase, excited to clean it out and fill it with handmade floral's, I noticed it had little cherubs on it. How cute!, I thought. Wait just a moment, is that cherub grabbing the other cherubs no-no spot?! Oh my word, he is!!!


Further inspection of my defiled vase revealed the penis shaped spout.

It's shaped like a penis!

And water pours from it!!!

Neither me, nor Logan had noticed this at the store. It just seemed like a pretty pot that no one had decided to claim. After a horrendous day, noticing this was just what we needed. All we could do is stand there and laugh. I mean, I brought home a pornographic vase!


Happy hump day!!
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Monday, June 17, 2013

My thoughts on being made imperfect

There was this moment yesterday where I felt a tinge a guilt when I realized I have not posted a tutorial. In fact, the tutorial I have mentioned working on is still sitting here. I do about a step a day. I had started a different blog post on my desktop (that's where I do most of my photo editing and research), and the post is still over there, unfinished. I've begun re-writing my novel. I was also gifted a new book to read. The laundry is washed, but the dishes are not. Only two out of three kids are dressed for the day.

All the imperfection, and I was sitting here, thinking how it was a beautiful morning!

I apologize for any readers who may have felt "neglected" for lack of a better word. It is not as though I do not desire to make my blog and readership a priority. It is simply that I love my life and I prefer to enjoy it one slow moment at a time. Yesterday my kids and I spent five hours outside playing. We completely lost track of time we were having so much fun. It was delightful. I try to spend as much time enjoying them as I can. My middle will be in kindergarten in the Fall, and then what? Before I know it, my kids will be gone.

I spent a large part of my life striving for perfection because I was always told I wasn't doing a good enough job. Every moved I made was looked in on and judged. It was often difficult to breathe. If you ever have felt this way, you understand. Eventually I accepted the fact that I'm only person, I will never be perfect, and I will never live up to anyone else's standards. More importantly I realized, for anyone to expect me to was unkind. God made me just as I am. He designed me with flaws so that I can lean on Him (and Him alone) to overcome them. That's what I believe, that He made us with flaws so as a testing of our faith. If we are perfect, how then will we ever need Him?

So now I enjoy my days, taking things in stride, never fretting if it isn't done. Yesterday I wrote one page in my novel, making it my goal to write at a minimum of four pages per week. My blog goal is to post at least three times per week. Snookums and I had a conversation, where we decided it would be best if we designated one night a week for just the two of us.

Life is full of chaos, so prioritize everything in pieces. Little pieces of crazy are much easier to deal with than a heaping pile! I hope you all have a beautiful Monday. After all, you've been gifted one more week of life!

 Liam's last day of kindergarten.
 Liv snuggles!
Like mother, like daughter! Wraps have been my go-to method while growing my hair out, and Lana took quite a liking to it.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Your favorites

This week your favorite pins were full of creative goodness. Everyone loved best ...

Design Every Day's tissue paper flowers. These are pretty precious. I'm working with tissue paperthis week, and I'm a little tempted to include some of these in my wall decor.

Sewing tips from Make it & Love it. I always get asked questions about how to sew or how to sew a straight line, and always my answer is the same: PRACTICE. Go to your fabric supplier, raid their scrap bin, and just practice sewing stitches. Your lines won't be that great at first, but eventually you'll learn how your machine moves.

Sewing Like Mad's how-to on drafting your own patterns was one of my favorites! I almost always draft my own patterns. I have patterns I bought from Joann's, but have never used them. I have a full circle skirt pattern I'm a little tempted to cut up, to create something like this.

If you don't already follow on Pinterest, come over. Leave a link to your pinterest page in the comments so I can follow you back.

Happy weekend, Happy Father's Day, and may God keep you all safe, sound and loved!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Activities -- Zip lining

Image via Hawksnest

One thing I never did while I was in Colorado was take advantage of everything there. I regret that. Year after year I said I wanted to hike Pike's Peak, but I never did. Years went by where I did nothing, experienced nothing. I never even got to go to the Taste of Colorado, an even held every year.

Well this lady has grown, and that life is behind me. It's time for new things. I've been loving North Carolina so much since I've been here. I get fascinated on every drive I go, taking in everything around me.

There is a billboard sign out on King Street that advertises the best zip-liner tourist attraction around. I told Logan I wanted to do it for my 30th birthday. The look he gave me wasn't promising, I'll tell you that. But being flung through the air at 35 mph sounds kinda fun, doesn't it? I've got two months to change his mind. Think I can do it?
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


First, allow me to apologize for my lack of posts this past week. Life has been busy busy here. Every so often the management at our apartments does inspections, to ensure the residents are keeping the units livable. There are many elderly and disabled people who live here, so I have been helping my neighbors clean and ready their homes. I'm fortunate I got this apartment, given my circumstances, and if helping those around me with little everyday things is how I can show my gratitude, I'm happy to do it.

With that said, inspection is tomorrow and I finally get to do my home today! Yay!!! Or not. Cleaning is not fun for me. I take back my "yay" and offer you an "eh" with a shrug. Much more suitable!

Something I have been wanting to do for a while, introduce you all to my honey. Meet Logan, or as I like to call him, Snookums.
Logan at Boone Gardens

This man is one of the sweetest, kindest, most patient people I've ever known. I met him during the darkest time of my life. I was not a kind person then and he picked up on that. But for whatever reason, he was fascinated by me anyway.

He was patient, waiting for me to come around and be whatever it was he saw. In the meantime, he was a friend when I needed one. This man let me cry on his shoulder, vent when I needed to air my thoughts, and scream if I needed to. He would sit there and let me scream at the top of my lungs.

He was so kind to me, even when I didn't deserve it.

On the days I didn't feel the need to weep or scream because of the circumstances life dealt me, him and I would laugh. I'm talking belly aching laughs, usually at the others expense! It amazed me how easy it was to be around him, how well we got along. It required little to no effort. Even from the beginning, there were no moments of awkward silence, wondering if I should ask something about him or tell some random story to fill the air. It was nice to be quie. And when the moment struck, it was nice to learn something new about him. But I didn't need to know everything within the first week, you know what I mean?

He loves that I call him Snookums. Perhaps you're wondering how he wound up with such a silly name. We had this long running joke about pet names, and we would come up with the silliest pet names we could think of. We never said "Hello" or "Hey, Logan/Stephanie" when answering the phone. We had to answer with another name. One day I came up with Snookums and it took the cake!

So now he is my Snookums and I love to squish him!

Snookums and I on Pensacola Beach

Well, I must get on the ball today. I have some business to take care of this morning and cleaning to do. I have flower petals that have been sitting here, meaning to be sewn, so hopefully I will have a burlap tutorial for you soon.

So much love from me to you!
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Ten // Favorite Things

1. Favorite illustration: Sunny's Art Store
2. Favorite shoe deal: Lemon Crochet Toms 
3. Favorite handbag: Crochet Satchel
5. Favorite advice: Hide Your Crazy tank top
6. Favorite bauble: Antoinette Drop earrings
7. Favorite vintage: Floral frame from WhichGoose
8. Favorite laugh & gift: Julie Anne Art "Birthday Sex" card
9. Favorite curl: Curly Temple floral shades
10. Favorite power: "What Wizardy Is This" polish by OPI

I hope you enjoyed a quick peek at some of my favorite things this morning. For now I'm off to do one of my least favorite things, visit the dentist.






Peace out!

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Free Printable // The Beauty of Creativity

[Download link below]
Created by NewlyMynted

I had this realization on Saturday. Well, reminder really. 

I spent two days sewing a curtain panel. It was beautiful. All 100 feet of it had gorgeous, straight lines. I was so proud of myself. If you sew, you know it takes practice to sew a straight line, and that a lot of fabric can cause bulk and weight and be difficult to keep all of it from sagging and pulling to the ground. 

But alas, I was diligent and took my time, and my reward was a stunning curtain. Add in, the five yards of drapery fabric only cost me $5 thanks to my neighborhood Goodwill, and I was one happy seamstress.

I laid my panel out, ready to give it one last press before I hung it over the gold curtain rod I installed on my wall nearly two weeks ago, only to discover that my straight lines were useless. I had sewn the entire panel backwards.


Sure as shit, those seams are on the right side of the fabric! 

For the life of me I could not figure out how I spent two days pressing, pinning and sewing all those seams and never noticed I was pinning them right sides facing.

Oh my dear!

My spirits were lifted when a friend commented on my blunder photo about a time she accidentally sewed the leg on a pair of shorts shut and was shocked to find they wouldn't go on. I laughed and laughed!

This was a good little reminder. It took me two days to do a project that realistically shouldn't have taken more than a few hours. As a momma of three, efficiency has to be a priority. Also, there is no room for perfectionism in creativity. It never is perfect, which is one reason I love being so creative. It is often my blunders that produce sensational things.

In case you need this little reminder on occasion, here is a free 8x10 printable for you. All I ask is that you share. Sharing is caring! 
: : DOWNLOAD : :
Font used: Novecento // Learning Curve // Geo Easton

Feel free to leave your feedback on my digital art in the comments too. This is my first attempt at creating printables, so I'm always eager to learn.

Hugs from me to you today!
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