Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lady Etiquette: Self-respect

As part of my desire to uplift women, I wanted to begin a small series called Lady Etiquette, a loving reminder of how we ought to live and the kind of person we should desire to be(come).

More and more I am learning how important it is to nurture and encourage one another. And not just each other, but future generations, as well. Sadly, bullying doesn't only exist within our children's schools, but within the adult community too. Adults are harsher than children. I've been a victim of this nearly my entire life. I think the best way to stop this kind of behavior is with love.

For some these may be reminders, but for others it may be a moment of enlightenment. If it's only a reminder for you, then take these reminders and share them. The sad (and disgusting if I'm being totally honest) fact is, we have reality shows about girls who get pregnant at fourteen years old. We're making money off young girls having sex! I don't see how it is loving to exploit this racy behavior, but rather to encourage them to have more respect for themselves and for their bodies.

And that is only one example out of thousands. I know we could line up an astounding list of comments of ways ourselves and our kids are bullied and taken advantage of. Of ways we all, little by little, are stripped of our self-respect, or worse, never taught to have any at all.

This isn't a lesson we stop teaching at age 13, or 18, or even (for me) 30. It should be a daily reminder, RESPECT YOURSELF!

Love dearly,

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