My name is Stephanie. After spending most of my life in the city, I've found myself nestling deep in a small mountain town in North Carolina, a place where real spring breezes existThe scenery will stun you, leave you breathless at times. I've learned to marvel at God's creation and be thankful He chose to share this little peace on earth with me; and now you. 

I have three little ones, whom I'm blessed to be able to be home with. They're only little for a little while, you know. I've got to absorb their squeeze hugs while I can, because I know they won't be willing to give them for too much longer.

I'm a craft addict (true story!), wannabe chef,  book lover, and dream of one day publishing a novel. I just love to write! I also adore antiques and making awesome stuff out of thrift store junk.

I've resolved to the fact that Target is no longer within reach, much less H&M or Sephora. And after enduring the most trying time of my life, good God Almighty has shown me my happy place. How lovely it would be for you to pull up your computer, sip on some coffee with me, and journey through this new life of mine.

Let's catch up!
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