Monday, June 3, 2013

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I had this realization on Saturday. Well, reminder really. 

I spent two days sewing a curtain panel. It was beautiful. All 100 feet of it had gorgeous, straight lines. I was so proud of myself. If you sew, you know it takes practice to sew a straight line, and that a lot of fabric can cause bulk and weight and be difficult to keep all of it from sagging and pulling to the ground. 

But alas, I was diligent and took my time, and my reward was a stunning curtain. Add in, the five yards of drapery fabric only cost me $5 thanks to my neighborhood Goodwill, and I was one happy seamstress.

I laid my panel out, ready to give it one last press before I hung it over the gold curtain rod I installed on my wall nearly two weeks ago, only to discover that my straight lines were useless. I had sewn the entire panel backwards.


Sure as shit, those seams are on the right side of the fabric! 

For the life of me I could not figure out how I spent two days pressing, pinning and sewing all those seams and never noticed I was pinning them right sides facing.

Oh my dear!

My spirits were lifted when a friend commented on my blunder photo about a time she accidentally sewed the leg on a pair of shorts shut and was shocked to find they wouldn't go on. I laughed and laughed!

This was a good little reminder. It took me two days to do a project that realistically shouldn't have taken more than a few hours. As a momma of three, efficiency has to be a priority. Also, there is no room for perfectionism in creativity. It never is perfect, which is one reason I love being so creative. It is often my blunders that produce sensational things.

In case you need this little reminder on occasion, here is a free 8x10 printable for you. All I ask is that you share. Sharing is caring! 
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Font used: Novecento // Learning Curve // Geo Easton

Feel free to leave your feedback on my digital art in the comments too. This is my first attempt at creating printables, so I'm always eager to learn.

Hugs from me to you today!
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