Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Activities -- Zip lining

Image via Hawksnest

One thing I never did while I was in Colorado was take advantage of everything there. I regret that. Year after year I said I wanted to hike Pike's Peak, but I never did. Years went by where I did nothing, experienced nothing. I never even got to go to the Taste of Colorado, an even held every year.

Well this lady has grown, and that life is behind me. It's time for new things. I've been loving North Carolina so much since I've been here. I get fascinated on every drive I go, taking in everything around me.

There is a billboard sign out on King Street that advertises the best zip-liner tourist attraction around. I told Logan I wanted to do it for my 30th birthday. The look he gave me wasn't promising, I'll tell you that. But being flung through the air at 35 mph sounds kinda fun, doesn't it? I've got two months to change his mind. Think I can do it?
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