Thursday, June 27, 2013

DIY Burlap Flower Door Decoration

I have wanted some kind of decoration on my front door for years. What would go there has been a tough decision for me, though. I have always felt what was displayed on the front of my door should reflect what someone would find on the other side of it. After many internal debates, I had finally decided that what went on my front door needed to incorporate the words "Love Lives Here." I want my home surrounded with love! This is, after all, the Lord's home. 

A few weeks ago I was wandering through Michael's craft store and saw this huge burlap flower with black trim. It was beautiful! I had tons of burlap fabric and black pipe cleaner, so I got to work.

I free-handed a flower petal the size I wanted. Mine measured approximately 8" in height. How many petals you cut will depend on how large or full your flower will be. I cut eight. Flip your pattern over and cut out eight more (or whatever your number is).

Placing them wrong-sides together, take one petal from each pile and sew them together.

TYPO! Oh well, I'm not perfect anyway, remember?

Get out that glue gun! Attach your pipe cleaner along the stitch line of each petal. 

Arrange your petals in a circle however you like them best. Then using your glue gun, just put a dab at each overlapping corner to keep them in place.

Then cut out a circle of felt and glue it to the back. Now all of your pieces are nice and secure. Embellish the middle and your flower is done. I didn't add a photo of this. I just used a jewelry piece on mine.

Let's move on to the sign, shall we? 

Tra-la-la-la, it's off to the signage we go ...

To keep this simple, I used a couple pieces of die-cut cardboard and letters I had on hand. (Shh ... don't tell my mom, but I used her die-cuts on shoe boxes awhile back.) Glue your letters down and ... tra-la-la ....

Paint them! I spray painted them gold, then black, giving them an antiqued look. 

FYI: Whilst painting these outside, my neighbor said, "Painting again? You're always painting something. You're the painting lady." That's right, I've got myself a reputation!

I attached them with ribbon, and was done.

I love this. It reflects me perfectly. I am a tender-hearted person, always eager to love people. More so the older I get. And of course I love flowers.

So this is what you'll find at my little abode here in Boone. What will I find on the other side of your door?

Love dearly,

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