Monday, June 17, 2013

My thoughts on being made imperfect

There was this moment yesterday where I felt a tinge a guilt when I realized I have not posted a tutorial. In fact, the tutorial I have mentioned working on is still sitting here. I do about a step a day. I had started a different blog post on my desktop (that's where I do most of my photo editing and research), and the post is still over there, unfinished. I've begun re-writing my novel. I was also gifted a new book to read. The laundry is washed, but the dishes are not. Only two out of three kids are dressed for the day.

All the imperfection, and I was sitting here, thinking how it was a beautiful morning!

I apologize for any readers who may have felt "neglected" for lack of a better word. It is not as though I do not desire to make my blog and readership a priority. It is simply that I love my life and I prefer to enjoy it one slow moment at a time. Yesterday my kids and I spent five hours outside playing. We completely lost track of time we were having so much fun. It was delightful. I try to spend as much time enjoying them as I can. My middle will be in kindergarten in the Fall, and then what? Before I know it, my kids will be gone.

I spent a large part of my life striving for perfection because I was always told I wasn't doing a good enough job. Every moved I made was looked in on and judged. It was often difficult to breathe. If you ever have felt this way, you understand. Eventually I accepted the fact that I'm only person, I will never be perfect, and I will never live up to anyone else's standards. More importantly I realized, for anyone to expect me to was unkind. God made me just as I am. He designed me with flaws so that I can lean on Him (and Him alone) to overcome them. That's what I believe, that He made us with flaws so as a testing of our faith. If we are perfect, how then will we ever need Him?

So now I enjoy my days, taking things in stride, never fretting if it isn't done. Yesterday I wrote one page in my novel, making it my goal to write at a minimum of four pages per week. My blog goal is to post at least three times per week. Snookums and I had a conversation, where we decided it would be best if we designated one night a week for just the two of us.

Life is full of chaos, so prioritize everything in pieces. Little pieces of crazy are much easier to deal with than a heaping pile! I hope you all have a beautiful Monday. After all, you've been gifted one more week of life!

 Liam's last day of kindergarten.
 Liv snuggles!
Like mother, like daughter! Wraps have been my go-to method while growing my hair out, and Lana took quite a liking to it.

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