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Plus-size Summer Style Guide

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It seems "plus-size" has become a negative connotation which somehow means larger women are ugly. I hate that stigma! The "plus" does not mean more. The term "plus-size" is for marketing purposes so that consumers can go to a store and find exactly what they're looking for. Think of how congested the women's department would be if all sizes, 2-24 were lined up in one spot. Consumers would never be able to rifle through it all and stores wouldn't make a profit. It's the "user friendly" way to shop. See what H&M model, Jennie Runk, has to say about being a plus-size model.

This is extremely important no matter what size you are. It's not the size you're looking for, but the fit. Different brands have different sizing guides, as well as different departments. Don't think you can go from Misses wearing a size 12 to Juniors and get into a 13. It may seem discouraging when you find you can't get into that 13 but rather have to wiggle into the 15, but that's because juniors are meant for a younger audience, whom they're assuming aren't quite fully developed. Sew, Mama, Sew has a great guide to finding your best fit.

Now that you know your figures, you are ready to start styling. The most important part of styling your body is properly supporting it. A good supporting bra is important, especially for bustier women. If your shoulder straps are cutting into your skin, you're wearing the wrong size bra. Consider going up a size (or more) in your band. If your cup barely covers your nipple, you need to increase your cup size. A too small cup gives your breasts room to sag. So pull those babies up! 

Don't be deceived into thinking that because you're larger than the model shown, you can't have her curves. I spoke with one reader who admitted, "I've had four babies and carry almost all of my weight in my stomach. I hate it." C, you have my sympathy. My advice? Invest in shapewear. Women of all sizes should invest in this. Why? Because it slims out everything you don't want shown and gives you a flattering silhouette. It's also a great way to disguise pantylines. Spanx are my favorite! They are also favored by celebrities of all sizes, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Oprah. They carry a nice size price tag, but are worth it.

It may seem practical to throw on looser fitter clothing, but the truth is, baggier clothing makes women look frumpy.You're a woman with curves, flaunt them, don't frown on them!

Everyone has something they'd rather cover up and something they like to show off. If you have smaller ankles consider cropped pants or a knee length dress. This one shoulder Trixxi dress is perfect for someone broader across the top and narrower down the bottom. If you prefer to cover your midsection, try a bold maxi dress like this Dream Chaser dress or this Hydrangea dress. Maxi's are perfect with a cropped jacket. If your ass is your best asset, flaunt it with a printed pant like these Aztec trousers or a floral jumpsuit. Create an hourglass by drawing attention to your waistline, through to your hips. The lines of this pencil skirt or this belted floral dress do just that.

Accessories are what make every outfit. Statement necklaces and stacked bangle bracelets are always a sure bet. 

Don't think because black is slimming, you're destined to wear black forever. Wearing striking colors shows confidence, which is sure to get you more compliments. Whether it's a dress or a striking piece of jewelry, the brighter the color the better! Step out with a bold day look. Keep your eye shadow soft and natural looking and put on your brightest red or coral lipstick. Never leave home without your lipstick.

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