Monday, May 27, 2013

Come into my home

Last week I gave you the behind the blogger look at what you would find if you walked into my home, but there's more than my daily tasks. I'm surrounded by things and people I love. I want you all to delight in these things with me. They are forever growing and I find it so important to document these small moments while I have them. I am so grateful to each and every person who stops by my blog, and I want you to know who you're going to find here.

This particular nook is one of my favorite parts of my home. It's actually the only spot in my home that is actually "styled" as of yet. And even then it's incomplete, not quite perfect. This area is truly me. It reflects the kind of colorful, eclectic person I am. It displays my favorite things, my hopes and dreams, and it is full of sweet memories!

I picked up this typewriter at the Goodwill right after I moved to this little town. $8, can you believe that?! I was floored! It's perfect for me. I love vintage things and I love to write.

I long dream of one day becoming a published author. In fact, the last several days I have been writing again. My manuscript has been sitting here for over a year, more or less collecting dust. But I've begun again, editing with the recommendations previously given to me by an editor. Eight pages in and already I'm reminded how difficult it is, how tedious it can be, how much patience it requires, and most importantly, how much I LOVE those voices that prattle on in my head. Funny thing about writing fiction, those fictional characters are never pretend to you. They are as real as the physical people around you. You learn to love them as much as any other person you meet.

This wine bottle is near and dear to my heart. I needed to keep it, so it got a glitter makeover. This bottle is from a date my honey and I had when we had no babysitter, only each other, this bottle of wine and a platter of cheesecake. If I could find a way to bottle his laugh in there, I would!

Tarnished silver and bright pink flowers become my hearts delight. I smile ear to ear just looking at these precious photos. Where do you go wrong with things that are bright and cheery? I hope you all feel happy and delighted and cheery when you come here. 

Thank you for walking through my home with me. I am always fond of visitors. My desire is that this blog become as much a part of my home as this small nook, and that each of you readers become as dearly loved as the people in it.

Have a blessed day, all!

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Love dearly,
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