Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainy day blues and gold makeup

Image via Snobka

Last week the lovely Maria @ Agape Love Designs prompted her readers to re-create a Pinterest inspired look. I knew these blue and gold hues done by Polish blogger, Snobka, were just what I needed. If you head over to her blog, she has the complete start-to-finish tutorial for you.

My end result ...
Coat: thrifted // Sweater: H&M // Necklace: Maurices
Makeup eye pallet: POP Beauty Cosmetics // Lip pallet: Clinique & Covergirl
The weather here in Boone has been abysmal. It has been overcast and rainy for over a week. Flooding has begun, as well. At 6:01 AM I was awoken by an automated phone call from my sons school informing me that class is on a two-hour delay due to the closing of some streets.

I fear I've forgotten what sunshine is like.

I needed a perk -- and makeup was it. I stepped out of my sweats, donned my fur coat and applied some airy and delicate makeup, with just a dash of glitter eyeliner. I even incorporated The Beauty Departments 3D Lip Illusion into my pink lipstick. Then I made my honey suck up the rain with me and take pictures. (More on him later!)

Of course after only a few minutes, the hem of my skirt soaked through and I was shivering from the cold. So I bolted back inside and got reacquainted with my sweatpants again. But the makeup remained. That's all that counts in my book.

I'm hoping all these April May showers will bring colorful flowers. I've been told spring comes a little later here. There are huge trees outside my living room window I am anxiously awaiting to sprout. When they do, you can count on me sharing them. Who knows, maybe it will inspire some  green hued makeup.

Till next time, friends!

Love dearly,
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