Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Wrap and earrings: Whippy Cake (for Africa collection) // Bracelets: Maurices (Hope for Cancer) // Skirt: Chan Luu

If you stepped into my home you would find me ....

With a cup of coffee in hand. It's rare not to.

Giving my girls squeeze hugs. They love this, especially my littlest. She's the cuddlebug of the bunch.

Browsing Facebook for pictures of my niece. My brother became a father for the first time this past year, and I rather enjoy loving little Ella from afar.

Throwing myself together in a matter of minutes. Odds are my hair won't be washed. I dislike doing my hair very much. 

Popping into the thrift store for the possibility of a two dollar item. This morning's find was a bike for my daughter.

Editing photos.

Jotting notes for inspiration of blog posts or things to make.

Thinking about what to make for dinner, then dismissing the thought. I do this a lot. I do not like to cook, and it exhausts me pondering it.

Sometimes you find me sewing, but today will be running errands instead.

Washing dishes. I wash a lot of dishes. Blech.

Tucking my kiddos into bed with a story and prayers.

Then I will settle in with a glass of wine and either a book or something on Netflix. Lately it has been Downton Abbey.

Love dearly,
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pleated poppy

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