Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Daily deals

I know it's important for new blogs to blog every weekday, and I apologize for the lack of post yesterday. It is a busy week around here, though. Yesterday I had a new stove delivered (woohoo!) and got the leak in my bathroom sink fixed. That also included a new faucet! Then there were trips to the store, finishing my sons costume for his school play on Friday, cleaning, dinner with my neighbors, more cleaning, shower, then bedtime. I was whooped!

Today won't be much slower, but that's because I will be busy installing new gold shelving for my studio space and sewing curtains for my living room. You'll be seeing these up in no time. 

For today, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite deals going on. 

Feast your eyes and indulge!

Well, I believe it to be an acceptable time of morning to begin hammering on my walls. If you have any daily deal sites you'd like to share, please do. I follow tons of them. I am, after all, always looking for great ways to stretch my budget the best I can.

Love dearly,
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