Sunday, May 5, 2013

budget friendly teacher gifts

It's Teacher Appreciation week! If you're anything like me, things like this (or possibly most holidays) just sort of sneak up on you, and you often find yourself needing to throw together some awesome last minute gifts. My sons teacher spends eight hours a day with 18 of him, this gift is overdue! I've browsed around and found some unique ways you can give back to the classroom.

I loved this! What else can I say? It's spectacular! I think the most practical gift you can give your child's teacher is a donation of some kind to the classroom. I just love how Tara put her scrapbooking skills to work and wrapped some No. 2 pencils in scrapbook paper. Check out her gift set tutorial, she even made a coordinating gift bag.

Image via Tervis
Present your custom pencils in a Tervis Tumbler. If you're not familiar with Tervis, then allow me a moment to indulge you. Tervis is a great brand of to-go mugs. They're insulated and double sealed, so they keep your ice frozen or your coffee hot ALL DAY! They're a wonderful investment. They come in tons of designs, including sports teams and licensed characters. The company also donates to various charities, so you know your purchase is making a difference. They're sold online, as well as in various stores and boutiques across the country. You can locate a store near you here.

Do your kids have Dr. Seuss day at school? My son did. Every year the school has Dr. Seuss Day celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday. This is a great way to contribute to your son/daughters classroom. Head over to Built it, Sew it, Love it, Jenn has the "Inspire" download available for you!

Image via Delia Creates
I will admit, I am big time partial to this gift idea. As you can tell, Delia tied hers with a red ribbon as a Christmas gift for her sons teacher, but germs don't stop spreading on December 26. Send some for Christmas, then contribute some more to the classroom in the spring. Anything to help our little ones stay healthy and germ-free! Head over to Delia's blog, she has the subway art for you!

Image via Giggles Galore
Mariah had the right idea for us budget conscious folk. She assembled this gift for under $5. Now that it's spring time, my son's kindergarten class is learning all about weather and plants in science. This is a delightful way to let the entire class learn about how plants grow. Not only will the teacher get to continue to expand your children's minds, but then she (or he) gets to take home a lovely potted flower at the end of the year. 

Image via Hi Sugarplum!
While it is important to help out with your kids' classroom as much as possible, sometimes the best thing you can do is give the teacher a break. Am I right? Some days I struggle with my three kiddos, let alone up to twenty! So if you really just want to treat the teacher as a big thanks, gift cards are always a delight to receive. Cassie kept it quick and simple with these filled cups.

I hope these ideas help. I'm off to round up my gift. Yes, it is possible this research was more for me than anything.

Love dearly,

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