Friday, February 28, 2014

Life Lately: Dropping Like Flies

That pretty much sums up my kids this week. I have been to urgent care twice and to our primary's' once. Later today, we're off to the specialist. I guess when it rains it pours. Last Friday my son mentioned he wasn't feeling too hot. By Sunday I was exhausted from sleepless nights and constant crying. Off to urgent care we went. Turns out he had dime size ulcers in his mouth that had become infected. That infection spread into his ears, causing quite a bit of pain in my little guy. Thank goodness for drug stores that are open on Sunday's, because illnesses operate 7 days a week, you know.

Fast forward to Wednesday: Liam finally made it back to school. Here I thought to myself, Great, I get things done and get possibly get to the mechanic. Ho, ho, ho! This is when someone noticed my daughter grabbing herself. After a brief conversation with her, I was on the phone with my primary doctor. (We'll keep that visit private.) Off to the drug store!

On to Thursday: I noticed my oldest daughter's ear was yucky and full of gunk. Oh dear! It was obvious she had an allergic reaction to the earrings she was wearing and there was an infection. I took them out, soaked her ear lobe in peroxide (mostly to loosen the gunk so I could remove the stud), and wiped it down with a dab of antibiotic ointment. Huh, I thought, that's strange. Where is the earring back? I looked, pondered, then realized one small piece of information. When I put her earrings in, I specifically put the metal backing on, then put on a plastic back so the earring wouldn't dig into the back of her ear at bedtime. I looked. Here's the plastic backing, but where is the metal back? Eyes wide, I touched her lobe, noticing how swollen it was. I could certainly feel a knot in it, but was it just infection? Off to urgent care we went! Sure enough, the doc took an xray and came back, saying, "It's in there." That earrings' back lodged itself into her ear lobe! Oh my word! 

So today we're off to the specialist to see about getting that earring back cut out of there. I have yet to see the mechanic. Thanks for indulging in my week with me. Tomorrow I will finally get a day off. So stay tuned as I prepare to share the awesomeness that will be tomorrow with you. For now, have a great Friday and safe weekend.


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