Monday, February 10, 2014

Amazing Weekend Finds

I have been quite sick for several days. Toady is my first day out of bed. I certainly wasn't going to leave you cringing, biting away at those pretty fingernails, wondering if there would be a blog post. While I have a couple of drafts going, I thought this morning I would take it easy on myself, yet make it exciting for you. Today I have a collection of some of my favorite finds from my time on bed rest. We have style inspiration and decor inspiration for you to feast your hungry eyes on. 

1. Learn how to tuft and reupholster a sofa over at Classy Clutter. Honest to goodness, her living room made my heart swoon! I want a gray lounge chair in my living space, so this was just the right inspiration I needed for a future DIY project.
2. With summer almost in reach, many of us are working on getting ourselves bikini ready. Yesterday I nearly gasped at this scalloped one piece from Nasty Gal. I also love this suit because it gives the right amount of coverage for my self-consciousness. I do not like to flash my stretch marks and this one covers that area exactly while still allowing me to feel great in my skin.
3. Last week I stumbled upon the sister duo Jeans and Teacup after Jessica linked up to Funday Monday, which I co-hosted. I was instantly impressed by their blog, so I stayed awhile and browsed around. I was so glad I did, because I found this amazing emerald skirt Jessica flaunted. What a statement!
4. I honestly could not say what it is about this rancher hat from Anthropologie that makes me happy, but it just does. I love hats!
5. One of my favorite magazines is Better Home & Gardens. I am always browsing through a mag or on their site, looking for new inspiration. And they never disappoint, like this decorative floral mirrors made from egg cartons. I think I will be saving the next few dozen eggs I buy!

6. Have you ladies heard of Ace & Ivy? They are an up-and-coming discount beauty boutique, and just this morning I saw these darling floral wayfarer sunglasses posted up for only $6.99! How cheap is that? I already snatched myself a pair, so head over and get yours too. They are only available at this price for a brief period of time.
What goodies inspired you this weekend?


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