Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Photo Diary

Liam lost his first tooth. I have to admit, that was an overwhelming moment for me. I thought I had another year. I thought surely he would be seven, making his way closer to second grade, before that happened. But here we are, fresh out of kindergarten, and the first of many is gone. 

I remember the days when he grew his teeth and went around, grinning, with that one lone tooth. Now we're growing up and moving on to adult teeth. This breaks my heart a little. My little Liam boBiam is no longer that long, skinny baby that fit perfectly across my lap. He would look up at me with the oddest expressions. Now he's shopping in the boys department, riding two wheelers and losing teeth. He still makes the odd expressions though! I hope that not something that ever changes. I want to him to always be expressive in his own way.

Much love!
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