Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life this week through Instagram

 First was a much needed day out with my honey. He introduced me to Thai food. A-ma-zing! The rest of the day was spent antiquing and thrifting. Yeah, he does that!
 Got to work on some goodies for my niece. I'll have more pictures to share soon. I made her quite a few things.
 Allow me to introduce you to smiley egg rolls, the best egg rolls around. When Logan and I first met we spent the weekend on Pensacola Beach. My BFF lived there and kindly let us stay with her. We got frozen egg rolls one night and Logan served them to me shaped like a smiley face. I burst into laughter! I knew right then and there he was a keeper!
We've had tons of rain here in the high country. I mean TONS. As in I just assume it's going to rain everyday and when it doesn't I jump for joy. Some days I daydream of being back in Phoenix.
I started on my headboard! Here's a tip, provided the BFF: I live in a small town with no real craft supply store. This was a bummer because I needed foam and had to go 40 miles to get it. It's already pricey enough as it is. That super awesome bestest bestie of mine had the idea to just use a mattress pad (or egg crates) since it wasn't furniture I was going to be sitting on. Twin size mattress pad, $9.94 at Walmart. Thank you so very much!
And how about ending the week with this smile! We made mohawks in the bath. This here is a curl hawk, it's a mohawk for girls with class!

Much love and smiles this weekend!
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