Monday, July 22, 2013

Living room inspiration ... HELP!

I've been doing a lot of pondering over how I to style my living room. It has sat untouched, mostly filled with the secondhand items I've looted over the past several months. Before moving, my grandparents gave me a vintage sofa set. Vintage and velvet, hells ya! I love it! I do not love that it is tan, though. I also do not love that they match. I want them coordinating, not matching.

I decided to start with the sofa first. And I immediately turned to my BFF, Candace. Of course she knows me well, and suggested I reupholster the sofa in bright turquoise or teal. I FELL IN LOVE WITH THAT IDEA! More so when I saw this image from Home Beautiful with the deep turquoise sofa accented with the silver table. I had already wanted to redo my coffee table silver. (My main theme throughout my home is "Mixed Metals" with splashes of color.) Nothing like having my thought process confirmed by designers. Thank you, designer, for testing the waters for me. Much appreciated!

Here en-lies my problem, and where I need your advice, dear readers. I live in a small town and have no vehicle, so I can't go gallivanting all over NC to find a fabric shop that sells turquoise velvet upholstery fabric. So I need to buy online. Did you know turquoise velvet upholstery fabric isn't quite as dime-a-dozen as, say, black, brown or gray? Yeah ... I do now. 

The best I could find is this swatch from Joann's. Retail price .... $64.99/yd. WHAT THE BLEEP?!! Even with a 40% off coupon I'm still looking at over $585 to reupholster this. That is definitely not within my budget anytime soon. Single momma of three here!

I thought maybe I could compromise and just do the cushion, leaving the rest tan. I know I can throw in more splashes of color with accent pillows. My fear is that it will lose that richness I'm going for. I found this image on Beautiful Home, too, where a designer did something similar to what I had in mind with patio furniture. But you can see a huge difference in style. This has more of a beachy feel, which is not what I am going for. And what about my silver table? It seems I would lose the mixed metal effect by having my sofa tan.

Here is what I'm asking:
Does anyone know of an online retailer that sells the fabric I'm looking for at a more affordable price?
What are your thoughts on my alternative idea? Do you agree with the difference in design styles? And losing the silver effect?
Any other alternative suggestions?

I am stumped. A little disheartened. But determined and anxious! You wouldn't happen to know any design genie's, would you?

Lots of love and Monday greetings!
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