Friday, January 3, 2014

A Place Called "Home"

The view from my second story apartment. The temperature is currently 10 degrees outside, and I am cozied up in front of the laptop with a hot cup of coffee and my fuzzy pink robe. And here, in this place, I am overcome with comfort and solace. Joy fills me!

It's funny how a place you can call home changes you. In all the years I lived in Colorado, I dreaded the winter months. I loathed the snow and any day that was less than 40 degrees and sunny. The icy, slick roads were my nemesis. I suppose it's because even after 8 years of living in Aurora, CO, it was never really "home."

I have thoroughly come to love living in Boone. The cold and snow and ice don't bother me the least bit. I even enjoy opening the curtains in the morning and seeing my kids' delight as they see snow on the ground. It's like magic fell from heaven to them!

I thank no one but God and His loving grace for that happiness. What place do you call "home"?


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