Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You Are Loved Inspiration & FREE Download

I felt today I needed to take a moment and share a little love. To remind each and every one of you who may be reading this that you are unequivocally loved. If you are new here, welcome. What a blessing it is to have you! If you are a return reader, thank you. Another blessing in disguise!

Two years ago I thought so little of myself. I remember one day, while Logan was waiting patiently for me to come around, I said to my mother, "For whatever reason, this guy is interested in me." I said it numerous times in various ways before my mom finally said, "Will you stop saying that? There are a lot of reasons for anyone to be interested in you." I verbally abused myself, without even realizing it. My divorce nearly crippled me. I drowned in my depression, allowing it to stifle every breath I dared try to take.

I know now I am better than that, and I want to you to know you are too! So today, stand up, remind yourself of your beauty, for you are created in God's image, and what is more precious and beautiful than that? You are loved by many. Even if there is one naysayer, they are but one of billions. Don't let them break your spirit. Give them something to admire!

Feel free to DOWNLOAD the quote above, frame it in your home as a reminder for yourself each morning. Share it on Pinterest or email it to a friend or loved one who may need to hear this reminder today. No matter what the trial plaguing you, remember you are not alone, you are strong and courageous.

So many hugs and love today!

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