Wednesday, September 25, 2013

an easy way to get your pinterest pin count

According to my blog stats, Pinterest is my #1 traffic source. But I wanted to know myself, What are people loving so much? If I know what you love, I can see what I did, and continue doing it to make your reading experience enjoyable.

Imagine my delight to see Pinterest has a plugin for getting your pin count on individual blog posts. Say what?! I have always gone the long method of inputting the "" way of getting every single pin and counting each one up to see how many times something had been pinned. Call me impatient, but I just want to know now, quickly how effective Pinterest is for my blogging. I mean, I put A LOT of time into creating pin-able images, I want to know in a snap if it's time well spent. 

Not to mention, people don't always pin the pin-able image I create. They might like another image better. It's their Pinterest, they're going to pin in a way that's convenient for them. I don't want it to appear I'm being shorted pins when I'm trying to determine my data and proper networking.

It only took one Google search to see there is a plugin  for that. It's so incredibly easy to use too. It gives you an exact number of how many times an exact URL has been pinned.

FIRST: Go to the Plugin site

There you are. NOW: enter the URL you are inquiring about. According to my blog stats, How to Clean Mildewy Towels is my most viewed post, so I put the URL for that in. You can see immediately it has 184 pins.

Do take note, Pinterest says they treat each URL separately. In my case, I had the URL when I first created this blog post. It was shortly after I shared it that I bought my own URL. So I simply added the .blogspot to the URL I entered, and can see there were 29 pins before I changed my site URL.

In total, this makes my pin count on this post 213. That's it. That's what I wanted to know. And real quick! Thank you, Pinterest!

I hope this is helpful to you. And thank you to all of those that have viewed and pinned this. As a new blog, it warms my heart to see so many pins. Thanks for letting me know my time has certainly been spent well. I'm also thankful there are other people besides me who have mildewy towels and are searching for ways to get them clean!

Happy pinning!
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