Monday, October 7, 2013

Life lately [in photos]

Most days life is so busy I look back and wonder how on earth I get through it. Many days blur together, one right into the next. With children back in school, germs are in full force, wreaking even more havoc. With strep throat, upper respiratory and ear infection terrorizing my home, last week I only had time for one blog post. Just one! That made me a little sad, although I was glad I got to sneak in a little Photoshop time. I really enjoy learning it.
Friday was my day off, however. I took a girls day and went thrifting with Logan's mother and one of our neighbors. I picked up this darling little picture frame. It came with that photo inside. I liked it so much, I decided to leave it.
I also did some rearranging around the house this weekend. I brought my dresser full of fabric out of my room, into the living room. I had purchased a wooden toddler bed for my youngest daughter not too long ago, and in no time my children destroyed it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM. THEY ARE CHEAP. While I was thrifting I found a metal toddler bed (much better) and snagged it. I took that cheap wood sleigh one, disassembled it, and used the headboard as a scarf rack. I'm considering using the foot board in my studio space.
And exciting, exciting, I got a new/used vehicle! This was an honest blessing. I have not had a car since mine broke down last December. It has not bothered me much living here. Bus service is free, paid for by the college. It's wonderful. But the buses don't leave the town of Boone. Anything outside of town has been off limits to me and all my children. And there's the snow. While there is bus service, I walk to most places, such as the bus stop, grocery store, bank, etc. I have been praying, leaving it to the Lord, knowing when a vehicle was right for me, I would know it. Logan came to me and said, Go test drive this car for sale, I'll watch the kids. I was a little dumbfounded. The whole thing was just that abrupt. But I did when Logan told me it was a mutual friend selling it who honestly needed it sold. She is a single momma of four and needed it gone. I had my mechanic look it over it, he gave it a thumbs up, and when I told him how much I was paying his jaw dropped and he said, "Take it!" So thank you, Lord, for a cheap, sound vehicle that will keep me from walking in the freezing snow this winter.
And how about this view of an Appalachian Mountain sunset? Yeah, I thought so. Things like this make me happy I live here. What a blessing God has been to me and my children.

How have your lives been lately? 

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